chocolate shamrock martini

Chocolate Shamrock Martini

Chocolate Shamrock Martinis are the perfect change to a chocolate-y martini. This martini consists of vodka, irish cream, chocolate liqueur, and peppermint schnapps. Adding the peppermint schnapps gives this martini a boost of yum! It’s so minty fresh that it feels like a light drink. Atlhough this isn’t exactly a […]

black jack margarita is tequila, chambord, and lime juic

Black Jack Margarita

Black Jack Margaritas are by far my favorite kind of margaritas. I discovered them at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Ixtapa. They make the BEST margaritas. A black jack margarita consists of tequila and chambord. Chambord is a raspberry liqueur and makes this a raspberry flavored margarita. Yum! I’m a sucker […]

french martini

French Martini

A french martini is my absolute favorite martini. I discovered this delectable drink one night at one of our amazing, local restaurants, Peppercorn House. This is an Asian restaurant that serves Chinese as well as Japanese dishes. We love going there for a night out of delicious food and mouthwatering […]