crock pot hawaiian chicken

Hawaiian Chicken

Hawaiian Chicken consists of chicken, pineapple, in a sweet and tangy sauce. The sauce is a mixture of teryaki sauce, garlic, and soy sauce. Oh, and pineapples with the pineapple juice, of course. Sweet, yet tangy! I love to make this dinner because it’s a break from the norm and […]

healthy homemade shrimp fried rice made in a wok

Shrimp Fried Rice

Shrimp Fried Rice is the healthiest fried food you will be able to make AND enjoy! If you are like me, you probably love getting Chinese takeout. I’m pretty obsessed with appetizers at Chinese restaurants and need to order a few key apps like Crab Rangoon and Chicken Fingers. Another […]

egg roll in a bowl

Egg Roll In A Bowl

Egg Roll In A Bowl…what does that entail? I know what an egg roll is and I LOVE them! The crispy egg roll wrapper with the tasty pork and veggies that are loaded inside is just so yummy. The only thing I don’t like about egg rolls is that only […]

ham and cheese calzones

Ham and Cheese Calzone

A Ham and Cheese Calzone is the perfect finger food that you can eat for lunch, dinner, or a snack. It’s also the perfect party food! I mean, how many times have you been super excited that the host at a party was serving calzones?? A hearty appetizer that is […]

lazy man shepherd's pie

Lazy Man’s Shepherd’s Pie

A Lazy Man’s Shepherd’s Pie is a dinner that I created years ago. Without having a real plan for what to make for dinner, I threw a few things together and this dish was born! Don’t you love dinners like that? Sometimes they become favorites and they are usually really […]