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Banana Creme Martini

Banana Creme Martini is a creamy martini that consists of vanilla vodka, irish cream, and banana liqueur. It sounds like a girly drink, but the 99 Bananas is 99 proof. This is a seriously strong drink that tastes seriously sensational! A banana creme martini is a a great martini for a dessert martini or an any time martini.

Fall In Love With A Chocolate Banana Creme Martini

A Chocolate Banana Creme Martini sounds absolutely delicious. I mean, if you love the taste of bananas and chocolate mixed together, this creamy martini will definitely get your attention. Who doesn’t love chocolate? And bananas are good for you, right? All kidding aside, I don’t think a chocolate banana martini […]

Decadent Chocolate Amaretto Martini

A chocolate amaretto martini is the perfect adult dessert drink. This martini has the rich chocolate flavor that a delectable dessert possesses. And the amaretto really brings this chocolate martini to another level of sheer delight.